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Joe Battleday : School’s Out

Joe Battleday is making a name for himself in the wake world, especially after taking first place in Junior Men at the WWA Wakeboarding World Championships.  We decided to make […]

Revo

We asked Parker Siegele what he wanted in his first signature board and his bottom line was durability and amplitude. We pressed our hybrid wood and foam Fusion Core into a 5-Stage rockerline with more volume in the tip and tail, framed it in with DuraRail, and skinned it with an Impact Base before shipping it to Parker for testing. After a few minor tweaks like adding a spine along the base for softer landings and pumping up the rockerline for more height, we dialed in the perfect shape for anyone looking to challenge Parker’s technical riding.

Haze

The Haze is perfect for surfstyle riders looking for a fast-driving board as well as for riders who have smaller, less powerful waves produced by older boats without surf systems. Thanks to it’s squash tail design the Haze has maximum drive and can be ridden all over the wave, both in and out of the pocket and even in the whitewash. It’s concave top deck is comfortable and inspires confidence as it’s drive keeps beginners in the pocket and allows experienced riders to have fun all over the wave. * comes with (2) Mako 4.3, (2) Lambo 2.1, (2) Lambo 1.3 fins

G5

The G5 offers competition skiers the perfect speed for the absolute top performance. Seamless transitions lead to smooth, flowing arcs, creating effortless angle and more course space than has ever been achieved in a tournament level slalom. An innovative new sidecut and perfectly matched rocker combine to form a huge and extremely forgiving “sweet spot”. The G5’s unique bottom design blends an aggressive concave for grip with subtle forebody rails, providing committed initiation while maintaining predictability The design is so incredibly well-balanced that there is less critical impact on binding placement and fin adjustment. G5 skiers have a much greater window to dial in the ski adjustment to their own exacting specifications. The O’Brien G5 is making a name for itself by leaving new personal records in its wake the world over. 66” Ski Weight 125-175. 67” Skiers Weight 160-190. 68” Skiers Weight 180+.

Minnesota Dreamin’

Minnesota Dreamin’ has been a vision between a few for a long time.  This past summer everything fell into place and a group of people with one common passion became […]

Eclipse

The Eclipse and Mist feature our most popular profile, with hand-shaped rails, subtle hull contouring,  and smooth rockerline for one of the cleanest rides on the water.  The 10’ 6” option provides more maneuverability and easier storage, while the 11’ Eclipse adds more length and volume for a more stable ride.

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