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How to Choose a Wakeboard

David O’Caoimh answers a few commonly asked questions when buying a wakeboard like, what size do you need?  What are the different types of rocker?  What’ s the difference between […]

CTP

Cory Teunissen fired over some specific requests and right away we knew his signature board was going to parallel his riding… next level. Last season, Cory requested our Feather Core to reduce weight but wanted some extra kick so we placed two carbon fiber stringers in the tip and tail with impressive results. This season we’ve taken the one step further. We kept the Delta Base and 3-Stage rockerline keeping the CTP fast and edging effortlessly, but decided to run carbon the full length of the board so as the board rides up the face of the wake, it stores 100% of the energy put into it, then releases it with explosive vertical pop.

David O’Cali

Thanks to Conor Bayuk for the edit! “Check out this Irishman’s first trip to California and first set out on the Delta. This little leprechaun has a rad and different […]

Ally

A soft-top surfer originally designed to catch any wave with foam rails that won’t ding the boat, your shins, or break your wallet. The Ally’s performance surprised us all, not only was it extremely durable but none of our pro’s would be bummed if this was the only board on the boat. Finally the Ally offers an affordable board the entire boat regardless of skill level, can enjoy riding.

Conquer

The Conquer features a flex pattern for skiers who place a premium on stability and cross-course angle. Our liveliest Conquer yet, the balanced, nimble feel engages the skier, delivering extreme crosscourse angle and helping to set up for a controlled and outward cast in the pre-turn. Balanced, aggressive turns provide the skier with the opportunity for a secure and locked-in cut. The Conquer has a unique fore-body design with greater width for an aggressive but controlled, no-compromise finish to the turn. The Conquer builds confidence for the advanced to pro level skier.

Mercer

Designed for the budget-conscious SUP’er, the Mercer provides a wide, stable platform and a soft top deck that is both comfortable and much more durable and resistant to dings than a traditional construction board. The slick base and refined bottom rails allow excellent performance in this range.

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