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Heavy Duty 23 Quart Hard Cooler


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Whether you’re boating, camping or tailgating, having a great cooler full of cold beverages is a must. This 23-quart rotomolded cooler features up to 2.5″ thick Arctic Insulation, an interlocking lid and our watertight Glacier Gasket to keep everything inside it as cold as the ice. Keep cool and stay hydrated with SUB-Z. Made in USA.


  • Outside
  • Inside
SubZ Coolers Specs Outside
SubZ Coolers Specs Inside
  • Outside18.5" wide, 15.5" high, 12.75" deep
  • Handle20" Wide
  • Inside13.75" wide, 11.25" high, 8.9" deep
  • Weight15.5 lbs
  • Volume23 Quarts
  • CapacityHolds up to 24 cans + 8 lbs of ice

Heavy Duty 23 Quart Hard Cooler Features

  • SubZ Oversided

    23 Quart Capacity

    Holds a 24 pack of 12 oz cans and 8 lbs of ice. Perfect for a day out in the sun; boating, camping, hunting, weekend getaways or even tailgating at your favorite sporting event.

  • SubZ Locking Lid

    Locking Lid

    Keep wild animals or your beverage snatching friends out of your cooler.

  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Handle

    Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Handle

    With its ability to rotate forwards, backwards, and lock into an upright position, this extra sturdy handle features a fully padded grip area designed for easy carrying.

  • SubZ Icon Faucet

    Quick Flow Drain Plug

    Oversized, leakproof and durable for fast, efficient draining.

  • SubZ Non-Slip Feet

    Non-Slip Feet

    Four 2” diameter non-slip feet keep the cooler from sliding around and elevate it to minimize contact with hot surfaces.

  • SubZ Foam Insulation

    Arctic Insulation

    Up to 2.5″ thick, this high R-Value foam enhances the cooler’s ability to store ice for over a week.

  • SubZ Icon Seal

    Watertight Seal

    Our watertight Glacier Gasket creates a vacuum seal to trap in the cold.

  • SubZ Latches

    Interlocking Lid

    Improves structural integrity and blocks heat from entering the cooler.

  • SubZ Latches

    Heavy-Duty T-Grip Lid Latches

    Easy-to-grip rubber latches make for effortless opening and closing.

  • SubZ Icon Hinge

    Fail-Free Hinges

    Fully enclosed, interlocking hinge design that will last the long haul.

  • SubZ Icon Drops

    Sweat-Free Exterior

    Keep the cooler and everything around it dry.

  • Soft Cushioned Seat (optional)

    Removable, lid mounted seat with an adjustable backrest so you always have a nice, dry spot to take a load off.

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