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48 Quart Hard Cooler Factory Seconds


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Designed for those who want to adventure further or for those who like to share, the SUB-Z Heavy-Duty 48 Quart Cooler is versatile enough to fit everyones needs. Toss it in the boat, take it to your favorite campground or bring it to the big game; wherever you go, you’ll be happy to have it with you. With up to 2.5” thick Arctic insulation, an interlocking lid and our watertight Glacier Gasket, this 48-quart rotomolded cooler has everything needed to store ice and keep your contents cold for days. Keep cool and stay hydrated with SUB-Z. Made in USA.



  • Outside
  • Inside
  • Inside21" W x 12.5" H x 11.25" D
  • Outside28" W x 16" H x 16" D
  • Weight24.5 lbs
  • Volume48 Quarts

48 Quart Hard Cooler Factory Seconds Features

  • SubZ Oversided

    48 Quart Capacity

    Holds up to 48 cans with plenty of ice. Perfect for those longer adventures or for sharing with all of your friends.

  • SubZ Locking Lid

    Locking Lid

    Keep wild animals or your beverage snatching friends out of your cooler.

  • SubZ Icon Faucet

    Quick Flow Drain Plug

    Oversized, leakproof and durable for fast, efficient draining.

  • Easy-Carry Handles

    Durable rope handles make it easy to haul your cooler.

  • SubZ Non-Slip Feet

    Non-Slip Feet

    Four 2” diameter non-slip feet keep the cooler from sliding around and elevate it to minimize contact with hot surfaces.

  • SubZ Foam Insulation

    Arctic Insulation

    Up to 2.5″ thick, this high R-Value foam enhances the cooler’s ability to store ice for over a week.

  • SubZ Icon Seal

    Watertight Seal

    Our watertight Glacier Gasket creates a vacuum seal to trap in the cold.

  • Interlocking Lid

    Improves structural integrity and blocks heat from entering the cooler.

  • SubZ Latches

    Heavy-Duty T-Grip Lid Latches

    Easy-to-grip rubber latches make for effortless opening and closing.

  • SubZ Icon Hinge

    Fail-Free Hinges

    Fully enclosed, interlocking hinge design that will last the long haul.

  • SubZ Icon Drops

    Sweat-Free Exterior

    Keep the cooler and everything around it dry.

  • Soft Cushioned Seat (optional)

    This removable, lid mounted, cushioned seat provides the perfect spot to take a load off.

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