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Life Jackets & Vests

The most important piece of equipment that you will ever need in and around the water is a high quality life vest, which happens to be one of our specialties. At O’Brien we know that safety is of utmost importance, but there is no need to sacrifice comfort and maneuverability. We’ve been manufacturing life jackets for a long time and have figured out numerous design elements to maximize performance from our vests. We’ve got everything; high-end neoprene comp vests, environmentally friendly BioLite vests, men’s, women’s, kid’s and infant vests in both neo and nylon styles, SUP vests, the basic “I just need to meet the Coast Guard Requirement” nylon vests, and more. We even have a pet vest, so you can bring your favorite furry friend out on your next water adventure. No matter which way you go, we know that you are going to love your O’Brien life vest.

Adult Biolite and Neoprene Life Jackets and Vests

Adult Nylon Life Jackets

Kid's Biolite and Neo Life Jackets

Kid's Nylon Life Jackets

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