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133 / 137

Tarah Mikacich lives to have fun on the water and she insisted that her signature board be effortless to ride so everyone’s left smiling after their first set.  To accomplish this the Spark stays trim our Feather core and was designed to ride a bit deeper in the water with a 3 stage rocker line and full step-down rail, allowing the rider effortlessly control their edge.  With a triple concave hull and a Delta Base, the Spark has everything a pro rider wants, but is also the perfect choice for anyone looking for a stable platform to progress their riding.


Rider Profile

When Tarah isn’t trotting across the globe for photoshoots and competitions she can be found at her private lake Freedom Wake Park in Orlando Florida helping everyone from beginner to professionals progress their wakeboarding.  Tarah designed her Spark to cater to this diverse range of athletes and created a board that inspires confidence, and fun in both weekend warriors and seasoned professionals.


Obrien Features

FEATHER CORE – Maximum float and minimum weight. Our new Feather Core is developed to reduce weight for more control in the air and to maintain it’s profile up the transition of the wake for maximum boost. Built for pure boat performance.

Obrien Features

DELTA BASE – Providing the same advantages as dimples on a golf ball Delta Base technology is evidenced by the unique tip and tail features on the base of the board. These features cause the waters surface to break much like a stone skipping across the water’s surface resulting in a fast effortless approach into the wake.

Obrien Features

3-STAGE ROCKER – Our most explosive rocker line, the 3-Stage Rocker is generally flatter between the bindings then dramatically angles upward toward the tip and tail. The more abrupt this angle, the more aggressive and vertical the board pops off the wake.


133 cm
137 cm
21 23 25
2.37 3-Stage
22 24 26
2.55 3-Stage
Edge Profile
42.7cm / 16.8”
Variable Bevel
Spine 0.5
43.2cm / 17”
Variable Bevel
Spine 0.5