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O’Brien Jr. Celebrity Combo Waterski


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Better maneuverability for more fun on the water

With all the attributes that make the adult Celebrity Combos a best seller, the 58″ Jr. Celebrities are the perfect size for the preteen to early teenage skier, as well as lighter adults up to about 130 pounds. A shorter, lighter pair means better maneuverability for more fun on the water. These skis are the perfect way to introduce youngsters to the joys of waterskiing. The Jr. Celebrity includes a stabilizer/trainer bar to make deep water starts much easier for newbies. The bar can easily be removed to allow the skis to really carve!

Length 58" / 147cm
BindingsJr. X7 Adj. Bindings
Foot Size Kids 2-Mens 7
Weight RangeUp to 120 lbs.

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