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Affordable Simplicity

For All

128 / 133 / 138 / 143

The Fremont is an affordable yet durable park performer that utilizes our 100% foam Feather Light core for a soft, forgiving flex pattern.

Its featureless base with removable fins teaches beginners proper edge control while its thin tip and tail reduces swing weight, perfect for charging groms or intermediate riders dialing in their spins and mobes.



Obrien Features

FEATHER CORE – Maximum float and minimum weight. Our new Feather Core is developed to reduce weight for more control in the air and to maintain it’s profile up the transition of the wake for maximum boost. Built for pure boat performance.

Obrien Features

DURARAIL – Is a high density durable urethane material that boarders the entire board. At 5.25 cm thick, Durarail sidewalls ensures your board will last through whatever you throw at it, cable parks, rocks, dock slides or etc…

Obrien Features

FLEX TECHNOLOGY – Like skateboards and snowboards O’Brien’s Flex Technology is constructed of multiple materials sandwiched together and framed by a urethane sidewall. This produces a board with optimum flex profiles and durability to last multiple seasons.

Obrien Features

PROGRESSIVE ROCKER – Is the result of combining lightweight foam and two balsa wood stringers that run from the tip and tail of the board that creates a durable, strong, snappy deck, allowing the board to flex yet always return to it’s natural rocker line.


128 cm
133 cm
138 cm
143 cm
20 22 24
2.3 Progressive
21 23 25
2.5 Progressive
22 24 26
2.7 Progressive
23 25 27
2.95 Progressive
Edge Profile
42.3cm / 16.65”
Variable Bevel
Blunt 0.8
43.1cm / 16.95”
Variable Bevel
Blunt 0.8
43.6cm / 17.15”
Variable Bevel
Blunt 0.8
44.1cm / 17.35”
Variable Bevel
Blunt 0.8