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Refined Recipe of Precision And Pop

129 / 135 / 141

Cory Teunissen fired over some specific requests and right away we knew his signature board was going to parallel his riding… next level. Last season, Cory requested our Feather Core to reduce weight but wanted some extra kick so we placed two carbon fiber stringers in the tip and tail with impressive results. This season we’ve taken the one step further. We kept the Delta Base and 3-Stage rockerline keeping the CTP fast and edging effortlessly, but decided to run carbon the full length of the board so as the board rides up the face of the wake, it stores 100% of the energy put into it, then releases it with explosive vertical pop.


Rider Profile

There’s only a handful of legendary wakeboarders in the world and it’s Cory’s goal not only join the ranks but remain at the top for years to come.  To help him reach these goals he designed his CTP to help push the boundaries of progression.  So If progression is your goal, whether it’s from beginner to intermediate, intermediate to advanced, or advanced to pro, the CTP should be your deck of choice.


Obrien Features

DURARAIL – Is a high density durable urethane material that boarders the entire board. At 5.25 cm thick, Durarail sidewalls ensures your board will last through whatever you throw at it, cable parks, rocks, dock slides or etc…

Obrien Features

FLEX TECHNOLOGY – Like skateboards and snowboards O’Brien’s Flex Technology is constructed of multiple materials sandwiched together and framed by a urethane sidewall. This produces a board with optimum flex profiles and durability to last multiple seasons.

Obrien Features

FEATHER CORE – Maximum float and minimum weight. Our new Feather Core is developed to reduce weight for more control in the air and to maintain it’s profile up the transition of the wake for maximum boost. Built for pure boat performance.

Obrien Features

DELTA BASE – Providing the same advantages as dimples on a golf ball Delta Base technology is evidenced by the unique tip and tail features on the base of the board. These features cause the waters surface to break much like a stone skipping across the water’s surface resulting in a fast effortless approach into the wake.

Obrien Features

3-STAGE ROCKER – Our most explosive rocker line, the 3-Stage Rocker is generally flatter between the bindings then dramatically angles upward toward the tip and tail. The more abrupt this angle, the more aggressive and vertical the board pops off the wake.


129 cm
135 cm
141 cm
20 22 24
2.2 3-Stage
21 23 25
2.3 3-Stage
22 24 26
2.45 3-Stage
Edge Profile
41.7cm / 16.4”
Variable Bevel
Flank 0.7
42.4cm / 16.7”
Variable Bevel
Flank 0.7
43.2cm / 17”
Variable Bevel
Flank 0.7