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O’Brien Zenith Wakesurf Board


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Aggressive Surfers looking for the ultimate skim style performance

Precision control, smooth carves, effortless spins, and skate inspired performance – the O’Brien Zenith has arrived. Its fast rockerline and sharp, responsive edges knife through the wave, providing the ultimate skim experience behind the boat. With instantaneous response generated by the 100% carbon fiber layup, the Zenith puts you in the driver’s seat to do anything you want on the wave. Surf with confidence on a board shaped to excel while riding forwards or backwards. Maintain control after landing shuvits and 180s and know that the nearly full length EVA deck pad will be there under your feet to help you ride away without any concern of slipping. Finally, take advantage of the Zenith’s 3 FCS compatible fin boxes to tweak your fin setup to match the performance characteristics that you demand from your board!

Team Rider: Hunter Sims

2020 Zenith

Team Rider: Hunter Sims
O'Brien Skim Style Wakesurf Boards

Skim Style

Using smaller fins and a sharper rail, these boards have a loose, skatey feel on the water making it easier to complete surface spins and more skate inspired moves.

O'Brien Surf Cap

Surf Cap

Extremely light foam core wrapped in a durable polymer shell.

OBrien Carbon Core Construction

Carbon Fiber Layup

Aerospace grade carbon fiber fabric that provides a quantum jump in performance over traditional fiberglass with unmatched strength to weight ratios.

O'Brien Spike 1.0 Fin

O’Brien Spike 1.0

50/50 Foil FCS Compatible

O'Brien Trace 1.75 WakeSurf Fin

O’Brien Trace 1.75

50/50 Foil FCS Compatible

Obrien Wakeboards
2018 Obrien Censor Wakesurf Board Silhouette
Zenith 52"Zenith 57"
Length132cm / 52"144.7cm / 57"
Width51.3cm / 20.2"52.3cm / 20.6"
Volume8.57 Liters9.57 Liters
WT. Range150 lbs max120-220 lbs
Fins(1) Spike 1.0(1) Spike 1.0
Fins(2) Trace 1.75(2) Trace 1.75

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