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O’Brien Barca 2 Towable Boat Tube

Barca 2 KickBack Series

Keep things exciting with a tube that can be pulled from either end. Designed for two riders, the O’Brien Barca 2 will provide you and a friend with twice as much fun as a normal tube. Ride it chariot style or flip it around, sit back and relax (or hold on tight depending on your driver). No matter how you choose to ride it, you can’t go wrong with the Barca 2.


Two Way Towing

What’s better than a tube? A tube that you can rotate 180º and tow from the opposite side; giving the riders a completely different riding experience. With a Quick Connect attachment on both the front and the rear of the tube, it’s super easy to change tow points and enjoy your tube in a completely different way. It’s almost as if you have two tubes in one.

Lightning Valve

Our Lightning Valve is attached to the towable, so there are no parts to keep up with or lose. The wider opening inflates and deflates 57% faster than our previous valves. An interior flap prevents air from escaping, even if the cap is not in place. Inside diameter of the valve measures 30mm and there are air pump nozzle adapters available for seamless integration with most existing pumps.

Quick Connect Tow System

Hooking a towrope to a tube has never been so easy. No need for tying knots that you’ll never get out. Just slide the loop at the end of the towrope up through the hole on the Quick Connect Tow System and then bring the loop over the two prongs at the end of the connector. Pull tight to cinch the towrope down on the Quick Connect Tow System and you are all set to go. It’s that easy!

Pull Up Straps

Whether they choose to jump off or happen to fall in, someone always ends up swimming while tubing. It’s part of the fun. Unfortunately it’s not always easy to get back on the tube from the water, which is why we’ve implemented Pull Up Straps. These straps give you something to hold onto as you pull and kick yourself out of the water and back onto the tube. Positioned to minimize the chance of the tube flipping over on top of you as you climb back on, use the Pull Up Straps to avoid frustration and quickly get back to having fun on the tube.

Size 70" x 63"
Max Riders Up to 2 Riders or 340Lbs.
Bladder 30/24 Gauge
Cover Fully Covered 840D/420D Nylon
Handles 8 Handles W/ EVA Knuckle Guards
Pads:2 EVA Pads
Tow Hook 2 Quick Connect Tow Hook
Valves 2 Lighting Valve

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