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O’Brien Valhalla DOC Special Edition


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Hey Lads & Lassies

The 2019 Obrien Valhalla DOC special edition wakeboard is David O’Caoimh’s take on our tried and true Valhalla. David’s signature board features the new contouring, rebalanced thickness profile, Feather Core, Delta Base, Progressive Rocker, and molded fins found on our standard Valhalla but with graphics inspired from his loyal YouTube following.

Beginner and intermediate riders love these features as they give the board a reliable consistent shape, allowing the board to effortlessly edge, generate a smooth controlled pop off the wake, allowing the rider to maintain control in the air, and build confidence in their riding.

Wait, 2019? That’s correct! Now’s your chance to get David’s 2019 board before the rest of the world, this is a limited edition run and once they hit our warehouse, boards will be available on a first come first serves basis. So, if you want a DOC Valhalla, fill out the form on the left and youíll be the first to know when the board becomes available to purchase online in the US and through our exclusive international distributors

Team Rider: David O'Caoimh

2019 DOC Valhalla

Team Rider: David O'Caoimh
Obrien Features

O'Brien Progressive Rocker

Similar to our Continuous Rocker but with a more kicked up tip and tail, resulting in more vertical pop than a Continuous Rocker and more predictability than a 3-Stage.
Obrien Features

O'Brien Feather Core

Built for pure boat performance! Feather Core reduces the board’s swing weight for more midair control, while simultaneously maintaining its profile up the face of the wake for maximum pop.
Obrien Features

O'Brien Delta Base

“Chevron” shaped channels molded into the tip and tail of the board reduce drag for faster edging and a cleaner release off the wake.
Obrien Features

O'Brien 6mm Inserts

All O’Brien wakeboards are equipped with industry standard 6 millimeter inserts so if TSA loses your hardware or it falls off the dock… Borrow some from your buddy and keep shredding.
Obrien Features

O'Brien Molded Fins

Obrien Wakeboards
2018 Obrien Valhalla Wakeboard
DOC Valhalla 133DOC Valhalla 138DOC Valhalla 143
Length133cm / 52.4”138cm / 54.3”143cm / 56.3”
Width42.2cm / 16.6”42.7cm / 16.8”43.2cm / 17”
Rocker2.25 Progressive2.35 Progressive2.5 Progressive
Stance21 23 2522 24 2623 25 27
WT. Limit80-160lbs130-210lbs165-250lbs
Fin Set UpFlank 1.35Flank 1.35Flank 1.35

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