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O’Brien Vail Wakesurf Board


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Surfers wanting to push their skim style riding to new levels.

The Vail draws its roots from our best skim style shapes and blends them into a rider friendly package for all. The carbon fiber stringer running the length of the board gives the Vail a snappy, responsive feel that we can’t get enough of. Its minimal rocker line boosts the board’s speed and glide, while the full length EVA pad and concave deck provide heightened responsiveness, stability and control. The subtle diamond nose and tail allow the board to release easily from the water and provide a solid pivot point while you blast turns. No matter how you choose to ride it – thruster, twin or single fin – the Vail will have you stoked on surfing!

Rider Profile: Intermediate to advanced surfers wanting to push their skim style riding to new levels.
CONSTRUCTION: Hand laid epoxy

Obrien Features

O'Brien Skim Style Wakesurf Boards

Hand-shaped epoxy surfboard construction, light weight / high buoyancy make these boards super responsive behind the boat. FCS compatible inserts allows any fcs style surf fin to fit the board.
Obrien Features

O'Brien Carbon Stringers

Carbon stringers running the length of the board; providing added snap and responsiveness.
Obrien Features

O'Brien Spike 1.0

Obrien Features

O'Brien Trace 1.75

Obrien Wakeboards
2018 Obrien Censor Wakesurf Board Silhouette
Vail 50"vail 55"
Length 127cm / 50"139.7cm 55"
Width450.4mc / 19.85"52cm / 20.6
Volume 10.81 Liters 13.13 Liters
WT. Range Up to 150 lbs 120-220 lbs
Fins (1) Spike 1.0(1) Spike 1.0
Fins (2) Trace 1.75 (2) Trace 1.75

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