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O’Brien Space Dust Wakesurf Board


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Perfect entry level board For surfers getting into skim style riding

With 40,000 tons of cosmic dust reaching Earth’s surface every year, it’s reasonable to believe that parts of the cosmos are in or on everything around us. In honor of that, as well as its otherworldly ride characteristics, we give you the all new Space Dust wakesurfer. A skimmer in the truest sense of the word, the Space Dust is thin, light, and insanely fun behind the boat. Our riders are having a blast as they effortlessly spin and slide this board on the wave – some even choose to ride it finless to enhance their board control. To top it off, this board is extremely affordable – making it an easy choice to add to your collection.

Rider Profile: Perfect entry level board for surfers getting into skim style riding
Construction: Skim Construction

O'Brien Skim Style Wakesurf Boards

Skim Style

Using smaller fins and a sharper rail, these boards have a loose, skatey feel on the water making it easier to complete surface spins and more skate inspired moves.

O’Brien PAC 1.1

50/50 Foil Bolt through

Obrien Wakeboards
2019 Obrien Sapce Dust WakeSurf silhouette
Space Dust 132
Length 132.08cm / 52"
Width 52.83cm / 20.8
Volume 9.8 Liters
WT. Range Up to 200 lbs
Fins (1) PAC 1.1

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