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Predictable and Stable, Built for Progression

New for 2019, the OÃBrien Ratio has everything a pro rider needs, but is truly ideal for beginner to intermediate riders looking for a predictable 3-stage board with explosive pop off the wake. Designed with 4 molded fins as well as tracking channels, the Ratio provides a smooth ride with plenty of hold on the water. The variable beveled edge keeps the midsection of the board catch-free and tapers towards the tip and tail for added bite when edging. This easy to ride board is perfect for building fundamentals, improving confidence, and enhancing progression.

O'Brien Team Manager: Cobe Mikacich

O'Brien Ratio

O'Brien Team Manager: Cobe Mikacich
Obrien Features

O'Brien 3 Stage

This rocker line is generally flatter between the bindings but dramatically angles upward towards the tip and tail. This explosive rocker line generates a more aggressive and vertical pop off the wake.
Obrien Features

O'Brien Feather Core

Built for pure boat performance! Feather Core reduces the board's swing weight for more midair control, while simultaneously maintaining its profile up the face of the wake for maximum pop.
Obrien Features

Obrien Wakeboards
Ratio 128Ratio 143
Length138cm / 54"143cm / 56"
Width42.5cm / 16.75"43cm / 17"
Rocker2.35 3-Stage 2.4 3-Stage
WT. Range Up to 160 lbsUp to 210 lbs
Fins Attack 1.4Attack 1.4

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