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O’Brien Mist Stand Up Paddleboard


Designed for Maneuverability and easier storage

Designed for maneuverability and easier storage, the O’Brien Mist features high volume D-shaped rails which allow the board to ride higher on the water; minimizing drag and maximizing stability.

O'Brien Bamboo Veneer

Bamboo Veneer

Adds strength and beauty.

O'Brien SUP Fin


Included on all of our Bamboo, Epoxy and ABS SUP’s

Obrien Wakeboards
2019 O'Brien Mist Stand Up Paddleboard silhouettes.png
Mist 10'6"
Length 320.04cm / 126"
Width 78.74cm / 31.5"
Volume 182.1 Liters
Fin9" SUP Fin
BEG. WT Limit 200 lbs
INT. WT Limit 240 lbs
ADV. WT Limit 310 lbs

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