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O’Brien G6 Slalom Waterski


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Well balanced, fast and predictable

O’Brien introduces the new G6 competition slalom ski. With the ever-changing “G” line of skis, we will never be happy until we reach perfection. O’Brien has crafted some subtle changes to make the G6 the best competition slalom ski on the water. With a perfectly the new G6 is the most well balanced slalom we have ever produced. Both fast and predictable, the new G6 is bound to be you favorite slalom ski ever.

O'Brien G6 Slalom Waterski

Obrien Features

O'Brien Insight Slalom Fin

Obrien Wakeboards
FinInsight w/ Pro Wing
BindingsDivision, Titan
RockerMore Rocker for smooth, forgiving turns
TunnelConcave, carry more speed into turns
Bevels48 Degree
Skiers Weight:66" 125-175 / 67" 160-190 / 68" 180+

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