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O’Brien FX V2 Wakesurf Board


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aggressive Surfers looking for a Fast, Modern surf style shape for boosting airs.

Introduced in 2018, the FX Series burst onto the wakesurf scene to incredible acclaim – quickly becoming a favorite amongst our riders as well as surfers worldwide. The FX V2’s thick rails allow the board to sit high on the water, making it extremely maneuverable while also generating effortless drive down the wave. The stepped tail and subtle concave base speed up the board and allow it to smoothly transition from rail to rail. Its wide, squared off nose minimizes pearling (aka nose dives) and makes it easier to ride out of air reverses and shuvs. With its 5-fin option, customize the FX V2 to perform exactly how you need it.

Rider profile: aggressive Surfers looking for fast, modern surf style shape for boosting airs.
Construction: hand laid epoxy

Obrien Features

O'Brien Surf Style

Hand-shaped epoxy surfboard construction, light weight / high buoyancy make these boards super responsive behind the boat. FCS compatible inserts allows any fcs style surf fin to fit the board.
Obrien Features

O'Brien Vector Netting

Obrien Features

O'Brien Carbon Stringers

Carbon stringers running the length of the board; providing added snap and responsiveness.
Obrien Features

O'Brien 2 Face 3.6

Obrien Features

O'Brien 2 Face 4.3

Obrien Features

O'Brien Trace 1.75

Obrien Wakeboards
2019 Obrien FX V2 WakeSurf silhouette
FX-V2 54"FX-V2 59"
Length 137.16cm / 54"149.8cm / 59"
Width 50.8 / 20"54cm / 21.25"
Volume15.75 Liters 17.55 Liters
WT.RangeUp to 200 lbs 160-260 lbs
Fins (2) 2Face 3.6(2) 2Face 4.3
Fins (2) Trace 1.75(2) Trace 1.75

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