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O’Brien Aluminum/Plastic Jr Paddle – 7″ Blade Width

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O'Brien Aluminum/Plastic Junior Paddle

We all know that kids can be hard on things. That?s why the O?Brien Aluminum/Plastic Jr Paddle is here. Its aluminum shaft and plastic blade can take a beating so you won?t have to worry when it accidentally gets dropped on the dock or drug through a parking lot. The angled 7Ó wide blade allows kids to effortlessly stroke through water and its adjustable aluminum shaft makes it easy to dial in the perfect length for maximum efficiency.

  • Light and durable aluminum shaft
  • Angled and contoured plastic blade – Highly durable blade design for smooth, controlled strokes
  • 7″ Blade width – Lower surface area makes it easier for kids to pull the paddle through the water
  • Adjustment clamp- Dial in your paddle length and lock it into place
  • 2 Piece design – Easily adjustable paddle length
  • Designed for kids

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