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Team T-Bar with Armor Line Buy Locally


Team T-Bar w/ Armor Line- For those of you who want to wrap up and style out, the Team T-Bar is designed for you. This handle features a 15” bar covered in micro-fiber suede that is soft yet grippy in the rider’s hand. The T-Bar is covered in the same material, making it easy to maintain control while approaching the wake wrapped up. This handle also features a rigid injection molded frame and 5.5” anti-roll control bars for an unmatched smooth, consistent pull. This handle is paired with our non-stretch, 100% Spectra, Silicone coated, Armor Line. This line not only glides effortlessly through the rider’s fingers, but it also provides the predictable pull that every rider is looking for. (Line Lengths: 65’, 70’, 75’, & 80’)