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5-7 / 7-10 / 10-12 / 12-14

The Hail is geared for the Advanced Recreational to Tournament
Level slalom skier. The Hail is non-directional (unlike the Legion), so left
and right foot forward skiers can share the same ski. It is built on the
renowned Sector chassis, with an aluminum plate. The low-profile design
gets your center gravity as close as possible to the water for faster turns.

• Shipping Dimensions – 15 x 7 x 10 – 4 lbs.


Obrien Features

In any type of dynamic motion, a low center of gravity is always the most important factor. A low CG means control in the turn, leverage in the pull, a faster reaction time, and highly sensitive feedback

Obrien Features

Allows for small or large adjustment of the boot canting position. This allows the user to dial in the ski’s characteristics with a whole new level of precision!

Obrien Features

Shaped to the contours of a foot to make a left and right specific binding.

Obrien Features

2 release zones allow the heel of the skier to lift past the ankle “pressure” zone, yet still providing extreme comfort, support and performance