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O’Brien Gloves & Bags

This page is all about protection. It’s important to keep your valued possessions and your hands safe. O’Brien gloves were designed to do just that. With their enhanced grip, your hands won’t have to squeeze so tight; reducing the rubbing caused by the handle and minimizing the chance getting blisters and tears. This is also helpful in reducing fatigue, so you can stay out and enjoy the water longer.

2020 Gloves

2020 Bags

O’Brien bags operate in a similar fashion by prolonging the life of your gear. Sure you may take extraordinary care of your equipment and feel like you don’t need a bag for protection… but what about your buddies who help load the boat and put things away? Can you really trust them to not damage your gear? Or even worse… airlines? We’ve all seen what kind of damage they can do to baggage. Picture being out on the water on a perfect day only to be sidelined because one of your friends dropped your board or ski in the parking lot and busted the rail. Make the smart move and protect your investment with an O’Brien bag.

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