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Hydroslide Helix with Method Package

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Our forgiving riding board that reduces fatigue so you can ride longer.

This includes a Helix 143 and Method size 7-11.

Less Fatigue = Progression

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This includes a Helix 143 and Method size 7-11.

This forgiving board rides a little higher in the water, reducing drag and making it easier for the rider to take longer sets. This extra time on the water makes all the difference in the world when it comes to progression, especially in the early stages of riding. The Helix’s long molded fins assist the board in transitioning from rail to rail and help it lock onto its edge when cutting into the wake. At that point, the Progressive Rocker and Delta Base work together to provide a consistently smooth and predictable pop off the wake; giving the rider plenty of control in the air. The Helix is the perfect board for beginner and intermediate riders looking to progress their boat riding.

Helix 143
Length143cm / 56.29"
Width42.54cm / 16.75"
Rocker2.15 Continuous
Stance20 22 24
Wt RangeUp to 230 lbs
FinsAttack 1.4