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2019 O’Brien WakeSurf

Year after year, wakesurfing gains more and more momentum and it’s easy to see why. There’s nothing like catching a wave for the first time. Feeling the power of the wave drive you forward, creating slack in the line, and allowing you to drop the handle yet keep surfing is a feeling like no other. It’s social, insanely fun, low impact, and everyone can enjoy it. What started out as just a fun way to finish off a day on the water has morphed into something so much greater and it’s exciting to see how much everyone has embraced this sport.

Team Rider: Hunter Sims

2019 Wakesurf Boards

Team Rider: Hunter Sims

As one of the top wakesurfer manufacturers, O’Brien is determined to produce a wide variety of boards to fit the needs of every type of surfer from those learning to catch their first wave to guys like Hunter Simms who’s constantly pushing the limits of this sport. We’ve got boards for smooth and easy cruising (even on smaller wakes), soft tops for fun and safety, surf styles for high performance carving, skim styles for high performance maneuvers, and everything in-between. Whatever approach you want to take with your wakesurfing, we’ve got you covered.

Implementing various construction techniques from hand shaped to compression molded, give each O’Brien wakesurfer shape it’s own unique feel. Generally speaking, the hand shaped boards tend to have more buoyancy giving them a little more room to play on the wave. This also makes it easier to find the sweet spot on smaller waves, so now you don’t need a monster wave to be able to surf… although it is nice to have. To further customize these boards, we’ve used FCS compatible fin inserts to give you abundant fin options to choose from so you can find the exact feel that you are looking for.

In contrast, the compression molded boards sit a little deeper in the water making them a slightly more stable and predictable. These boards also have sharper rails and feel a little more like a skimboard on the water.

No matter which O’Brien wakesurfer you go with, you will have a blast shredding the waves behind the boat.

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